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Boyds Forest Dragon - Juveniles


(Lophosaurus boydii)

(Specalist license required in SA)

Boyds Forest Dragons are an Aboreal Lizard and spend most of their time on logs or up high on Branches.

These Guys prefer a higher tank over a long tank as they LOVE to climb.

we have also found that Boyds dont like the temp to get over 28 degrees and they like to sit between 20-25 degrees,

 A uvb Globe is a must for these guys and no additional lighting is needed. we would recommend a 5%uvb globe 

We highly recommend spraying these guys with water daily and even 2x a day when in warmer weather as this will help keep the humidity levels up and they will also drink the droplets off plants, leaves ect. They do amazing on Bio Active as babies and adults.

These guys are more of a repitle you watch and not hold alot.

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