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Reptile One Glass 60x45x30


Reptile One’s RTF low height terrariums are low profile and are perfect for Ground dwelling reptiles

 Features & Benefits:

 The low height enhances the ability of UVB light absorption by your reptile due to the reduced distance.

Superfine, high strength, high-quality wire mesh top for better ventilation.

Cable outlet dial enables electrical items to be used.

Pre-cut holes in the wire mesh top for heating and lighting accessories to fit neatly within the enclosure.

Black background provides visual impact and psychological security for your reptile.

Key lockable hinged doors for easy access and viewing pleasure.

High-quality materials and workmanship with 5mm glass thickness and aluminium extrusions for a durable design.

Specifications: 60X45X30CM


Suitable For: Geckos & Skinks

PLEASE contact us before purchasing if you require Freight.

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