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URS - Floating Turtle pellets


URS Floating Turtle Pellets/Sticks 300gms. Nutritious, easily digestable turtle pellets suitable for hatchling up to adult turtles. With added calcium to promote hard and healthy shells. Comes in a handy resealable package.


Ingredients: Wheat flour Soya bean meal Fish meal Spirulina Kelp flour Ascorbic acid Nicotinic Acid Menadione Folic Acid Pyridoxine B6 Thiamin B1 Riboflavin B2 Chlorine Chloride Iodine Antioxidant Vitamin E Vitamin B2 Total Vitamin D3 Vitamin K3 Turtle Sticks Vitamin A Vitamin B6 Vitamin B12 Vitamin C-EC Dried Yeast Wheat germ Copper Iron Manganous Oxide Zinc Mycocurb Biotin Calcium B Pantothenate Cobalt Maganese Selenium Inositol Tixosil


Typical Analysis: Protein 42%, Fat 6%, Fibre 6%, Moisture 8%, Calcium 2% (min.).


Made in Australia.

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