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Z1 ReptileOne - Bearded Dragon or Lizard Complete Package With Dragon


This set up has everything in it to keep your Lizard happy and healthy.

Please Remeber to Replace your Uvb globe every 9 - 12 months.

The enclosure is big enough for 1 adult Beardy or other same sized lizards for its whole life. You do not have to upgrade. 

This package includes:

1 x Juvenile Bearded Dragon 

1x Reptile One Wooden enclosure 900x450x450 ( wooden enclosures are easier to heat ) 

1x Ceramic Heat lamp Holder (includes cord with switch)

1xCeramic holder Plate (with the new design Reptile One enclosures this will hold the ceramic heat holder in place)

1xInfrared Heat light - 100w 

1x Thermostat - Digital (plug and play)

1x Uv Tube holder (electronic start)+ 3m cord

1x UVB Fluro Tube - 10%

1x Thermometer & Hydrometer- Digital

1x Calcium + D3 Powder

1xWater Bowl - small 

1x Ground Substrate - Jurassic Bark 

we also give you a pack of crickets for free. 

We can also put together the enclosure for you how ever we do ask for 24 hours notice and we charge $50. 

PLEASE CALL to make sure we have all items in stock before coming to collect. 

If you are wanting to change items on the package we will happily make up a custom quote for you. 

Please note that stands for this size enclosure are avaliable. 

If Frieght is required please call before any payment is made to arrange frieght costs. 

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