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ET Compact Fluorescent 26watt UVB - 2% Bulb


We really recomend using the long fluro tubes!!!

They are far better at providing UVB then these bulbs!!

Recommended in combination with Reptile UVB100, Reptile UVB150 or Reptile UVB200, depending on the reptile’s UV requirements The Exo Terra Natural Light is a full spectrum daylight bulb with a very high visual light output and high color rendering index (98 CRI). With its high visual light output and 6700 K Color temperature, the Natural Light Terrarium Bulb is recommended as general light source for all terrarium types. The high light output makes this bulb suitable for planted terrariums and it is ideal for animals with lower UV requirements, such as snakes, amphibians (frogs, toads and salamanders) and nocturnal animals.

•New spectrum! Former Repti Glo 2.0

•Ideal daylight spectrum for all reptiles & amphibians

•Stimulates appetite, activity and reproductive behaviour through UVA radiation

•High Color Rendering Index (98 CRI)

•High visual light output

•6700 K Color temperature

•Stimulates plant growth

Size: 26 watts

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