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Z1 Childrens Python Complete Package


This package includes:

 1x Childrens Python valued at $279

 1x URS Large Reptile Enclosure 800x480x600 (Wood helps to keep the heat in and easier to mount the fittings into correct places)

 1x 20watt Heat Mat

 1x Thermostat Digital (controls the heat mat)

1x Day Light Fitting 

1x Daylight Compact Globe 

1x 2 Metre Cords

1x Thermometer- Digital

1x Water Bowl 

1x Hide Cave 

1x Ground Substrate - Jurassic Bark

 You will Also recive 2x free mice when purchasing it all as a package.

 ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- -----------

 This package comes flat packed for easy transport. 

We do have enclosures together ready to plug & play for extra cost of $50 

(we sometimes do run out - contact us before hand but usually 24hr notice will have it ready)

 All our packages include a discounted price!

We do the same packages without our pythons(taking the python price off)

We can swap the price of a python if you are interested in a cheaper or more expensive species

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