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URS - Enclosure - Wooden - 800x480x600 - Black


This enclosure will suit: 1 adult Beardy, Blue Tongue, Stumpy lizard, or other same size lizards.

You can house multiple smaller type dragons, skinks or the smaller types of goannas.

Children’s pythons are fine for this enclosure as it’s a ground dwelling environment.

Wooden enclosures are best to uses for reptiles as you can put all the correct electrical parts where they are meant to go. Plus they hold the heat better reducing the cost for heating & bulb sizes.

Tank dimension’s are: 80cm width x 48cm depth x 60cm High

These enclosures are flat packed for easy transport. They are easy to put together!

We can have this enclosure set-up as a complete plug & play package for Lizards or Children’s pythons.

Click here for the stand to match

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