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Central Bearded Dragon - Juveniles


(pogona vitticeps)

also known as Inland bearded dragons

We breed Yellow,Orange and Red Phase Bearded Dragons.

Breaded Dragons can grow up to 45cm.

Recomended tank size is at least 3ft, we dont recomend anything smaller as it is harder to achive correct heating. 

Bearded Dragons make great pets as they are a very relaxed reptile. With regular handling they will happily sit on your shoulder or lap while you watch tv.

Bearded Dragons need a HEAT LIGHT and UVB/A light to live a happy and healthy life.

We recommend using a fluro tube uvb not a compact globe as it covers more of the enclosure.

Please remember to change your uvb fluro light every 9-12 months.

With the correct setup they will live anywhere between 10-15 years. 

Bearded Dragons need UVB lighting & heat lamp to keep them alive!

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